Yuji NOGUCHI - Clarinets

Born in Kawasaki, Japan, Yuji Noguchi graduated with honors in 2000 from the Tokyo College of Music. After studying with Thomas Friedli in Geneva and receiving a soloist diploma under Frédéric Rapin in Lausanne in 2004, he entered the bass clarinet class of Ernesto Molinari at the Hochschule der Musik in Bern and received the Tschumi prize for the best soloist diploma of the year at his graduation in 2007. Following his passion for contemporary music, including scenic music, music theatre or corporal expression, Yuji studied at the Hochscule der Musik in Bern with the Franco-Greek composer Georges Aperghis and his assistant, percussionist Françoise Rivalland. Yuji is now an assistant to Aperghis and Rivalland for this specialization. Yuji also collaborated with young composers such as Raphaël Cendo, Miroslav Srnka, Alexander Sigman and Elizabeth Adams, among others. He has taken master classes with Armand Angster and Alain Damiens at the Centre Acantes and has participated in festivals such as the Darmstadt Festival, Impuls in Graz, as well as the Lucerne Festival Academy Orchestra conducted by Pierre Boulez. Yuji Noguchi is a member of the Quintette Eole and the Namascae Lemanic Modern Ensemble.

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